How to Fix Steam Early Access

Steam Early Access sounds like a great idea, you’re supporting indie game development and helping in the development of a game you like, but that’s not what happens.

The problem with Early Access is you’re removing the incentive for the developer to finish their game.

The math is pretty simple: if you pay someone before they get the job done then they have no incentive to finish that job. Not only do they already have your money, they’ve already spent it. In their minds they think, “Why am I working? I’m not getting any more money.”
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Is RAID Backup?

Well, that’s a bit of a nonsensical question. RAID is a technology, while backing up is a use of that technology.

It’s like asking, “Is a car driving?” You can’t “car” to work but you can drive a car to work. In that same way, RAID isn’t backing up but you can use a RAID for backup. In fact tape drives have pretty much gone the way of the dodo for short term storage (a year or less).
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What is RAID?

There’s a lot of confusion about what a RAID is and specifically what it’s for. There are a lot of uneducated opinions made by uninformed people floating around (welcome to the Internet) so let’s just sort this out right now.

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OrbX FTX: The Best FSX Terrain Autogen Made by Hitler



the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics, other topical issues, or shitty customer service.

Like a drug dealer Steam sold me Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition for just $5. They knew I’d be back for more. And boy have I come back for more.

After downloading FSX:SE I hopped into my freshly bought Piper PA28 Cherokee 180F and started flying. It was glorious, I had a realistic aircraft model that I could run through the real life startup procedures. I could fly an aircraft kinda sorta like for real. But, when I looked out my window, I saw a dated, clunky, ugly world.

I wanted to look out my window and see the world as it really looked. So I tried some of the freeware satellite imagery tools. The problem is they required you to remove all protections from your computer and they looked like warm ass dipped in peanut oil.

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