Free Force Feedback For Everyone

I bought some software that uses force feedback to give you tactile feedback instead of just using sound. That’s a great, if not original, idea. The problem came when my computer died.I didn’t think to unregister their software before my computer died without warning. But that highlighted how no competition can make a company think they can treat customers however they wish. Until they meet the wrong customer.

So, I am developing a free, open source, Creative-Commons non-commercial licenced application that will allow everyone to play their favorite games using force feedback (as opposed to using sound). Best of all you won’t have to spend $100 to add tactile feedback to your gaming, you can just use my software for free.

You won’t be treated like a criminal if you install it more than once either, you can just use it.

Completely Delete Your Hibernate File

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are expensive so when my tiny 240GB SSD started reaching maximum I went looking for where all that space had gone.

OK, sure, having 30 or 40 games on a drive can eat up a lot of space but I’d moved those off to a secondary hybrid drive.  So where was all my space going? Turns out Windows was using over 50GB for its hibernate file! I don’t even use hibernate because, with an SSD, my computer boots in five seconds.

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