Completely Delete Your Hibernate File

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are expensive so when my tiny 240GB SSD started reaching maximum I went looking for where all that space had gone.

OK, sure, having 30 or 40 games on a drive can eat up a lot of space but I’d moved those off to a secondary hybrid drive.  So where was all my space going? Turns out Windows was using over 50GB for its hibernate file! I don’t even use hibernate because, with an SSD, my computer boots in five seconds.

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How to Answer a Question on the Internet

Almost every day someone teaches me something new and hopefully I can help others by sharing that knowledge. This is really rewarding but I have noticed some pitfalls I and others have made in this process so thought I’d try to write down some dos and don’ts.

Whether you’re a cubical monkey, a construction worker, a forum moderator, or just someone that likes helping people I think these guidelines can be helpful in keeping you helpful when being helpful.

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